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An Edge Welded Bellows for your application has many design advantages. At EWB Solutions we are expert at optimising edge welded bellows design to your application by varying the many bellows design parameters.

It is possible to design a bellows that completely meets all the requirements of the application by specifying the correct diaphragm inside and outside diameters, diaphragm profile (eg ripple depth), pitch as well as material type and thickness, number of convolutions, heat treatment etc.

With all these features to vary, designing the correct solution requires a good understanding of how each interact and affect the bellows performance .Within EWB there is a wealth of experience not only in the design theory but also in the practical aspects of a good bellows design, couple this with our sophisticated computer design code and we can generate  the correct solution quickly and accurately.

More importantly to our customers is the ability to change materials and thickness at any point after the initial design without incurring expensive re tooling costs. Refining your bellows application should never be a price barrier.

The importance of design cannot be over emphasised, whilst a solution will always be found by experimentation and lengthy testing it is expertise and experience that brings results quickly.

 When verification is required our bellows test rig is available to fatigue test the limits of a design sample under simulated operating conditions.  

Applying design knowledge to your application

Test Rig

We can cycle test bellows under vacuum or pressure, internally or externally

Our standard range of bellows consist of twenty nine diameters and these are available in 4 weeks or less.

Part Number Designations1.pdf

If the diameter of bellows you require is not on our standard chart please contact EWB Solutions Ltd.

Sectional view through a bellows

Sectional view through a weld

Standard Sizes.

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