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I have decided I need a bellows, why would I choose an Edge Welded Bellows ?

1. Where space is at a premium.

2. Ability to specify/ vary the materials, spring rate, cycle life, length etc. without expensive tooling or re-tooling.

3. Where long stroking or off axis movements are encountered.

Why doesn’t an edge welded bellows look like it's been welded ?

You would be hard pushed to detect the welds, an edge welded bellows has bright appearance the weld are uniform and smooth, testament  to the  quality of the precision micro welding techniques employed.

Can I get the required cycle life from an edge welded bellows ?

Yes. Depending on the operating conditions it is possible the vary the bellows parameters to achieve the desired result whether to achieve a high life or, on the other hand, where this is not critical, to reduce cost.

Is an edge welded bellows suitable for High Vacuum application ?

Yes. We have many examples in current production, these specially leak tested and  cleaned assemblies meeting the requirements of Ultra High Vacuum standards.

What about high pressures and temperatures?

High temperature alloys are often used, like Inconel and Hastelloy. Pressure resistance is achieved by increasing the ply (the number of diaphragms used in the bellows convolutions).

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